Managing the logistics of a large scale wedding event

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A wedding is one of the most important occasions for a couple that they will remember for a

lifetime. Careful planning and organisation of the wedding events is also very crucial to

ensure everything runs smoothly.

One significant step in the process of organising a wedding is managing the logistics, especially if the wedding is being held at some of the best marriage halls in Chennai. We have listed a few tips on how to manage logistics of a large scale wedding event, especially if you’re having yours in Chennai. Let’s go!

One of the most important parts of a successful Indian wedding is thevenue, which is also called a wedding hall. If you are looking for a wedding hall for your grand event, you have come to the right place, but before we tell you about the best wedding hall in Chennai, let’s look at some of the latest wedding hall trends and inspirations that you can stay up-to-date with and get inspired to plan your dream occasion.

The first step in managing the logistics of a large scale wedding is choosing the best

marriage hall in Chennai. Your obvious choice should be SAN Event Hall.

This marriage hall in Chennai has the a wide range of facilities like enough space for a large number of guests, a huge parking space, a functional kitchen, a massive dining area and, neatly maintained bathrooms and rooms for your guests. Choosing the right marriage hall is also important and it should be easy to locate, easily accessible and have good connectivity to transportation. Once you get this important step ticked, the other events will run smoothly.

Setting the right budget

Organising a large scale wedding comes with constraints like setting the right budget for it. You must ensure that you don’t overspend and that all the wedding expenses are accounted for.

To set the right budget, you must take into account all the aspects of the wedding including the catering, decorations of the wedding hall, photography & videography, music & entertainment, transportation, gifting and other miscellaneous things. Working within the budget by including all of these expenses ensures you are all set for any last minutesurprises that are always the case while organising a large scale wedding in Chennai. 

Hiring the vendors for the events

Since we are looking at a large scale wedding, there are many vendors involved including caterers, decorators, florists, musicians, photographers, catering staff, cooks, drivers and more. To conduct a successful wedding, you must ensure you hire the right people for the job. Reputable and experienced vendors can determine the success of your event. Before hiring the people, make sure to compare the works with other similar vendors, read the reviews and feedback from previous clients and compare their rates.

Planning the transportation

Transportation not only involves the wedding parties’ transport, but also the guests attending the wedding. This might require you to hire shuttle buses and cars from the hotels to the marriage hall or from the different locations where the guests might be staying at. You also have to arrange transportation for the bride, groom, their families etc. It must be convenient and comfortable for all.

Preparing for last minute changes

No matter the amount of planning, surprises can occur at any time during the wedding event. Make sure that you have a plan B in place for emergencies. This plan should include emergency contacts, first aid kits, backup power supply, and a backup venue.

Here’s the gist of what we’ve listed to make your large scale wedding in Chennai a grand success. First, choose the best wedding hall that is SAN Events Hall, second plan the event carefully, set the right budget, choose the right vendors, plan the transportation and have a plan B! We wish you a celebration you’ll remember for years and years to come! All the very best!

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