10 Latest and Trending Engagement Ring Designs


If you’re shopping together or leaving it in the hands of your fiance, an engagement ring is a memory that will symbolize your relationship and last for a lifetime. As one of the premium engagement halls in Chennai, we have witnessed a mix of trends and styles when it comes to designs. We believe there is no one size that fits all when shopping for a ring since it signifies the togetherness and love a person shares with their partner.

Worry not, if you want your design to be beautiful yet memorable, read more on the best and latest engagement rings every couple is craving in 2023.

Gender-Neutral Rings -

We live in an inclusive world where gender-neutral designs have finally become more easily available. And it’s only just the beginning of such amazing designs. Simple and gender-fluid designs will continue to gain even more popularity in the following years.

Vibrant Gemstones -

Colored stones are making a comeback. Couples can now pick something bold and bright to represent their timeless story. Colored engagement rings and wedding accessories, like colored bridal gowns, have spiked inceasingly, so it’s evident that the top purchased rings of last month were non-diamond stones.

Vintage Nostalgia -

We all know that thrifting and vintage finds have taken over the fashion industry and that’s why antique engagement rings are at the forefront of engagement designs. Finding a unique, heirloom piece can really mean something to you and your loved ones, especially with vintage-inspired rings. 

Metal-Heavy Rings -

More people have moved away from delicate designs and are opting for bold and chunky styles like metal. Couples are seeking out mood-shifting pieces that will help them express themselves and make the meaning of their love story more unique.

Oval Engagement Rings -

With the ever-increasing demand for round diamonds as the most popular cut in engagement rings, it can be rare to see other cuts trending upwards. However, oval engagement rings are now experiencing that kind of popularity as it lends a more unique touch to one’s love story.

Two-stone rings -

Two-stone unique rings, also called “Toi et Moi” rings, are a trend that we agreed will be every couple’s dream. It allows them to have fun with what diamonds they want to work with since the double stone visually showcases the coming together of two souls as a proud couple.

Pear-shaped rings -

Pear-shaped diamonds tend to look bigger than their carat weight because of their elongated shape, similar to marquise and ovals. Pear diamonds hide inclusions so well that you can comfortably be in the price range and still find eye-catchy options.

Trilogy Rings -

Trilogy rings as the name suggests are ‘3-stone rings’. They are very popular amongst couples who prefer a more complex engagement ring. Such trilogy rings have a long and time-honored reputation as class-apart rings that are known for their triptych-style design.

Sculptural Rings -

Sculptural rings are usually rings that have been made with an incredibly modern and aesthetic design. Some may call this style modernist or some may even say brutalist. The overall trend is that these such rings are becoming more and more popular as couples want to invest in an increasingly futuristic and architectural ring.

Halo rings -

Another engagement ring trend that has taken over the industry are halo designs. They have a more delicate design meaning the chunkier design and style has died down. It’s a scintillating design that has more facets for light reflection allowing dynamism and fluidity.

Being one of the most reliable engagement halls in Chennai, our detailed list will surely add an extra edge to your ring which you will cherish for years to come with your loved ones.

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