Capturing Memories: Photography and Videography Tips for Your Wedding Hall Event

Indian weddings are full of grandeur, cultural traditions, pomp and colour. From vibrant clothes to elaborate traditional rituals, every moment is an
absolutely beautiful still, waiting to be captured. Photography and videography are probably the most important aspects of a wedding as they help in preserving these precious moments for a lifetime. This
allows one to relive the beautiful occasion again and again and cherish the memories.

Let’s take a look at some valuable tips and techniques to capture the essence of the big day at the banquet hall in Chennai. Whether you are a professional photographer, a hobbyist amateur, or simply someone who wants to document the special day, these quick and handy tips will help you create stunning and memorable images and videos! Let’s go!

Understand the different rituals and traditions

Indian weddings are filled with rituals and traditions and there are many different types of weddings that take place here. Before going into the technical aspects of photography and videography, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different rituals and traditions of that specific Indian wedding you are going to shoot. Each ceremony holds cultural and emotional significance, and understanding them will allow you to capture their essence more effectively. If you are not familiar with a particular tradition, communicate the same with the couple, their families,
and the wedding planner to learn more about it. Also note the different timings each ritual of the wedding will take place at. For example, the time of the bride coming to the stage, the time of the muhurtham or the thali tying ceremony etc. Add these important timings to the shoot schedule, so you don’t miss capturing these moments.

Plan carefully and prepare beforehand

Preparation is very important in capturing the perfect shots during the wedding ceremony. Recee the wedding venue in advance to get to know the layout, the correct lighting conditions, and potential hiccups that might arise on the wedding day. Prepare a shot list of the must-have shots, individuals that definitely have to be in the photographs, and key moments you don’t want to miss. Discuss this list with the to-be-wed couple and make sure you have a clear understanding of their expectations from you.

Lighting and composition

Carefully study the banquet hall in Chennai for the right lighting conditions for the perfect photographs. It can be challenging at an Indian wedding as they are often adorned with vibrant decorations and colourful
lighting setups. Make adjustments according to the space and the decorations available. Make use of natural light whenever possible, but be prepared to use flash for photography and videography wherever required. Bring you pictures to life by using unique angles and different compositions.

Capture Candid Moments

Posed or traditional shots at a wedding are a given but candid shots are something the couple will cherish too. Candid photographs reflect the genuine emotions of the grand occasion and can make the photo
attractive. At the wedding hall, check out for and keep an eye out for spontaneous moments of joy, laughter, and tears. Be alert and ready to capture these momentary instances that can make it to the wedding album! Also get to know the flow of the event beforehand so you at least know what to expect to capture the perfect shots.

Focus on the minute details

Indian weddings are full of minute and rich details that make up the traditions, cultures and customs. Keep a check on those details and capture the most beautiful nuances like the henna designs, jewellery, decorations and traditional attire. These elements bring about the story of the wedding and can help in better storytelling through photographs.

Equipment and backup

Do not shy away from investing in high-quality equipment as it will pay off in the way the output looks. Some equipment include high-level professional cameras, lenses, and lighting gear. Make sure you also have the correct backup equipment readily available in case you face any technical issues on the day of the event. One other thing to give importance is to regularly back up your files throughout the event to prevent data loss. It is just better to be safe than sorry.

Photography and videography help in preserving the magic and emotions of a wedding that one will cherish for life. By understanding the rituals, planning carefully, and giving importance to details, you can create a beautiful collection of photos and videos that will transport you and your clients back to that special day. Capture both the posed shots and candid moments, the essence of love, joy, and cultural traditions and keep a balance between the two. Keep practising, experimenting, and refining your skills to continuously improve to make a name for yourself
as the best wedding photographer or videographer. If you are on thevlookout for a venue that can bring out the wedding festivities in a beautiful manner, check out SAN Event Hall – the best banquet hall in Chennai!

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