Everything You Need to Know About Planning an Engagement Party

An engagement party is an occasion that is held to signify the beginning of a couple’s journey towards marriage. It is a great time to celebrate the occasion with well wishes, family & friends and to start planning for the wedding to come soon. Planning an engagement party can challenging, especially if it’s a grand affair that you are looking for in a city like Chennai. From the guest list, booking the banquet hall in Chennai, to planning the menu, there’s lots to do. To help you with it, we give you all the details about planning an engagement party. Let’s go!

1. Fixing the time and the guest list

The first step in planning an engagement party is to decide on the timing and guest list. The guest list typically includes a circle of close family and friends, like the bridal party, parents on both sides and siblings. The guest list for the engagement party is generally smaller than

The first step in planning an engagement party is to decide on the timing and guest list. The guest list typically includes a circle of close family and friends, like the bridal party, parents the wedding guest list but that’s totally up to you to decide.

2. Zeroing in on the location or banquet hall

The location of the engagement party will depend on the size of the guest list and the couple’s preferences. It can be held at a private residence, a restaurant, a hotel, or any other venue like a banquet hall in Chennai that can accommodate the guests. It’s better to choose a place that is convenient for the majority of the guests and one that is easily accessible.

3. Theme and decorations

What are your interests? Do flowers inspire you? How about balloons or even Hogwarts? The engagement party can have a theme that reflects the personality or interests of the couple. They can choose a simple colour scheme, an elaborate beach or a garden party. The decor should be in line with the theme and can have balloons, flowers, candles, and other decorative items.

4. Food and drinks

What are your tastes in food like? Food served at engagement parties now-a-days is not usually a traditional affair. It gives you a chance to experiment with different types of food to go with your chosen theme or even the couple’s food preferences. It can be a simple buffet or a formal sit-down dinner. Finger foods, appetizers, and desserts are popular choices for engagement parties. A signature cocktail or a champagne toast can also be a great addition to the celebration.

5. Engagement invitations

The invitations for the engagement party should be sent out at least three to four weeks in advance for the attendees to plan accordingly. It should include the date, time, banquet hall location, and RSVP information. The invitation can be an elaborate, fancy or even a simply designed one.

6. Gifts

It is not usually expected that guests bring gifts to the engagement party. If guests do bring gifts, they should be small and thoughtful. The couple should not expect to receive wedding gifts at the engagement party.

7. Entertainment

Engagement parties are a chance to unleash your fun side too. It can include entertainment activities like music, games, or other fun things. The entertainment should be appropriate for the size, location or banquet hall where the party is being held.

8. Photography

Engagement parties are a great opportunity for photography, and couples may want to hire a professional photographer or have a friend or family member take pictures. It’s a good idea to have a designated photo area or backdrop for guests to take pictures that matches with the theme.

9. Budget

Engagement parties can be as simple or as elaborate as the couple wants, but it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. The budget should include all expenses, including food,drinks, decorations, entertainment, and any other costs associated with the party.

An engagement party is a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of a couple’s journey towards marriage. Planning an engagement party can be a daunting task, but following these tips and guidelines and by choosing the most reliable banquet hall in Chennai, it can be a fun and stress-free experience.

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