Top 10 Makeup Hacks To Help Slay Your Pre-Wedding Makeup

pre-wedding function planned at the best marriage hall in Chennai.

No matter how sorted you feel on planning your wedding day, you are obviously going to have a tough time finding the ideal make-up artist.

Oftentimes brides go through situations when they have to ace their own makeup game all by themselves.

Now you might be wondering how to do that. You have to first start by curating your own makeup kit but there’s a catch.

You wouldn’t want to be haywire going from one place to another trying to find a lip gloss or a powder brush at a crucial moment because no one has that much time. As the best marriage hall in Chennai, experts at SAN Event Hall have put together a list of a few handy makeup hacks so that you can get your makeup game on quickly and easily. 

Make-up hack for oily skin – When it comes to oily skin people setting your undereye makeup and T-zone is very important. So in order to deal with that shine, apply the loose powder using a handy triangle makeup puff. This makeup puff is actually considered a holy grail makeup tool that works like magic for oily and combination skin.

Convert your liner pencil into gel – If you have run out of liquid eyeliner then worry not because our tip here has got you covered. Consider taking any kohl pencil and placing it under the flame for 10 secs. This will turn your kohl work like a dark liner in less than 10 seconds. Then let it cool down for a few seconds before applying it to your eyelid.

Make your eyes look wider – Start by sweeping your mascara towards the direction of your nose instead of usually moving it up.  It will help make your lashes bigger which in turn will give you a wider look. This will also help in avoiding the clumping of your lashes for a few seconds before actually applying it. 

Intensify your eye shadow – Start by applying white eyeliner all over your eyelid. This particular white will be helping out to intensify the color of your eye shadow. In the end, apply a coat of your eyeshadow that compliments your outfit and you’re ready to make an impression on all your guests at the best wedding hall in Chennai.

Make your lipstick last longer – We have a quick and easy makeup hack for making your lipstick last longer. After you’ve applied your lipstick and blotted it, take a tissue and place it over your lips. This trick will then lock the shade of your lip color by making it last for a long day.

Remember to use a Primer – Weddings are hectic but you would want your makeup to last well all through the event,  then add a primer as an important base to your makeup. Primers will act as a moisturizer that can hold the make-up together.

Go for a lightweight foundation – Your makeup base is actually the most crucial piece of the puzzle so as the best marriage hall in Chennai we would advise making it look natural on the skin both up close and from a distance. Make sure to use the correct color match so that there isn’t any flashback in your photos. 

Opt for Waterproof Eye Makeup – You’re bound to shed a few tears on your wedding day and the last thing you want is your mascara and eyeliner making your face look weird. You can always have the most simple and natural looks using a waterproof liquid liner—so don’t be afraid to add one to your kit.

Curate the perfect eyeliner wing – No girl ever said that she’s not into winged eyeliner but it’s such a gorgeous way to enhance your eyes – be it small or big. As the best banquet hall in Chennai, we have put together the best make-up hack where all you need to do is draw your cat-eye first and then fill in the spaces with liquid gel liner. 

Get full coverage – A simple bridal makeup first and foremost is about highlighting the best facial features for yourself and then hiding all your blemishes. You might be wondering what you mean by blemishes and by that we mean red acne breakouts, dry and dehydrated skin, and uneven patches on the skin.

And that’s how you slay with your make-up on your big day with these easy and simple make-up tips.

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