Plan A Stylish Beach Wedding with a Wedding venue Chennai


No matter the venue, planning a wedding is quite a mammoth task. And we all know that planning a beach wedding is even harder since it requires a venue which cannot be managed internally and also involves a few unique considerations and wedding ideas that couples at traditional wedding venues in Chennai likely won’t encounter.

Whether you and your loved ones spend a week with family at the beach or plan every summer or your first date, a beach wedding is a great venue for surf-and-sand-loving couples. Are you ready to start making your seaside wedding dreams into a never-before reality? We have collated the best tips, tricks, and advice for planning a beach wedding venue in Chennai which will not disappoint you at all.

Avoid Planning During Season Time

Beach weddings will tend to cost less if planned during off-season.  At a wedding venue in Chennai like ours you can get great services on caterers, decorators, food and DJs. Remember to plan out your dates in advance and book your venue and vendors so that there is no last minute hassle. This will help you minimize your wedding cost to the maximum extent and you can choose where and what you want to splurge most of your money on.

Go For A Local Beach For Your Venue

Private beaches will always cost you more, so remember to opt for a local beach as the ideal wedding venue. Local beaches usually require only a permit, which also doesn’t cost a lot when compared to booking a private beach all by yourself. And if you are smart enough to make your bookings in advance then you might be in luck for favourable weather conditions as well. 

Plan On Sending Out E-Invites

We belong to the digital world, so why not stay up to date with the latest trends? Sending out paper invitations can also take a huge chunk of your budget, and that’s something that can be easily avoided. With a digital invite, you can do customizations, designs and whatnot according to your preferences. Moreover, e-invites get sent instantly which means no one receives late invitations. And you won’t be facing any delays in RSVPs too.

Sort Out A Guest List

Keeping in mind that you’re planning for a minimal budget wedding, don’t forget to narrow down your guest list too because a beach wedding should not be very crowded as it takes away all the fun from it. Since it’s a budget wedding, you don’t need to include far-off relatives, just some close friends, and family members to conduct your big day at a wedding venue in Chennai. Do not get tempted while preparing your guest list, and never forget to make it prior to your wedding.

Add Some DIY Decor

A very fun and innovative way is to save some moolah on wedding decor and then incorporate them into some DIY decor for your wedding. You can also opt to go for some local ornaments for your beach wedding decor. Or get your hands dirty in the decor preparations. Add some origami string decor, wine bottles, or kites to make your venue pop. Bring out your inner artist in you and put on your creative caps.

A wedding venue in Chennai can be hard to find but we are here to make things right. Our SAN Event Hall is a serene beachside wedding venue that caters to all kinds of functions and is perfect for making your events to be cherished for a lifetime. Make your dream wedding straight out of a fairytale with us!

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